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Analysts Find Israel Struck a Nuclear Project Inside Syria

A site attacked last month by Israel was a partly constructed nuclear reactor, according to Israeli and American intelligence.

With Tight Grip on Ballot, Putin Is Forcing Foes Out

President Vladimir V. Putin is poised to extinguish the last embers of opposition in Russia's Parliament.

At an Army School for Officers, Blunt Talk About Iraq

Fort Leavenworth, Kan. , the intellectual center of the U.S. Army, has become a front line in the military's soul-searching over Iraq.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton faces criticism for voting to declare Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization.

Choking on Growth

Choking on Growth
Photo: Chang W. Lee / The New York Times
In China, a Lake's Champion Is Silenced

China treats environmental advocates as bigger threats than the pollution that prompts them to speak out.

Chang W. Lee / The New York Times

Clinton-Obama Quandary for Many Black Women

In interviews, black women in South Carolina expressed ambivalence over the two presidential candidates.

Portable Halls of Justice Rise in Guant namo

In the long-running limbo that is Guant namo, a portable complex to try detainees may be the perfect architecture.


No. 1 and No. 2 Fall

No. 1 and No. 2 Fall Losses by L.S.U. and Cal are bound to shake up the rankings.

Indians Pull Even

Indians Pull Even Cleveland powered to a 13-6 victory over Boston in 11 innings.

A Hatchback Plot Is Hatched

The C30 is a shapely little wedge that draws more public praise than any Volvo in years.

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E-Mail Is Easy to Write (and to Misread)

There are ways in which e-mail may subtly encourage trouble and strained communication.


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