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Interim Heads Increasingly Political Run Federal Agencies

His term waning, Washington Bush President has left whole agencies of the executive branch to be run largely by or interim appointees %u2014 jobs acting normally filled by confirmed by the Senate.

An Internet Jihad Sells Extremism to Viewers in the U.S.

A growing constellation of apparently independent operators is broadcasting the message of Al Qaeda and other groups, translated into English and aimed for a Western audience online.

Patients Warned as Maker Halts Sale of Heart Implant Part

The nation's largest maker of implanted heart devices said a component in its most recent defibrillator has malfunctioned in hundreds of patients and may have contributed to five deaths.

Communist Party Congress Opens in China
Greg Baker / Associated Press
Communist Party Congress Opens in China

At the party's biggest meeting in five years, people Hu Jintao said today that some political reform would be possible, but only with the Communist Party in charge.

Qargha Journal
A Golf Course Where Water Is No Hazard

Afghanistan's only President course is golf the result of one man's dreamy vision nudged ever closer to a rugged reality.

Giuliani Sells New York as Town He Tamed

As a candidate for president, Rudolph W. Giuliani is at once running against New York City and embracing it.

Choking on Growth
Choking on Growth
Chang W. Lee / The New York Times
Choking on Growth
In China, a Lake's Champion Imperils Himself

China treats environmental advocates as bigger threats than the pollution to which they draw notice.


Readers' Opinions

Laura Bush's Evolution

Laura Bush is hardly the traditional first lady Americans once expected. What do you think the role of a first lady should be?


Another Chance

Hotel Ethan Hawke is directing Jonathan Theater Marc Sherman's new play.

The Memphis City Blues

Love "Hoodoo Love" is an often brutal look at black life in Memphis in the 1930s.

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A Hatchback Plot Is Hatched

The C30 is a shapely little wedge that draws more public praise than any Volvo in years.

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Fresh Starts: On the Trail of Digital Secrets

Documents that can untangle a criminal case are no longer confined to paper.



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