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Treasury Chief Aims to Steady Credit Markets

Henry M. Paulson Jr. is pushing Wall Street and the mortgage industry to devise solutions and is helping to come up with some of them.

Home Insurers Canceling in East

Millions of homeowners in Northern states are losing their policies as companies try to limit their exposure to losses from hurricanes.

Failing Schools Strain to Meet U.S. Standard

Some states are being overwhelmed by growing numbers of schools that cannot satisfy the No Child Left Behind law's demands.

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The Money Race

ALT TAG See where the candidates' third-quarter contributions came from.

Colorado Streaks to Its First World Series
Eric Gay / Associated Press
Rockies 6, Diamondbacks 4
Colorado Streaks to Its First World Series

With their 21st win in 22 games, the Rockies completed a sweep of the Diamondbacks in the N.L.C.S. Monday night.

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Gingerly, Romney Seeks Ties to Christian Right

Grappling with suspicions about his religion, Mitt Romney has tried to signal his kinship with evangelical Christians.

Readers' Opinions
The Business of Cable Business News

Do you think Fox Business Network can take on CNBC?

Charles Strum

The associate managing editor who oversees the nighttime operations of The Times is taking questions.

Habitats: What a Difference 38 Years Make

After decades in the meatpacking district, Vincent Inconiglios cannot believe his neighborhood is a destination.

A Hatchback Plot Is Hatched

The C30 is a shapely little wedge that draws more public praise than any Volvo in years.

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Fresh Starts: On the Trail of Digital Secrets

Documents that can untangle a criminal case are no longer confined to paper.


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Still Punk, Still Proud, Still Breaking the Rules
Upstart South Florida Has Title Dreams
U.S. Seems to Give Egypt a Pass on Human Rights
Drought-Stricken South Facing Tough Choices
Will Okun on Mandated Moments of Silence