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Plan Would Ease Limits on Media Owners

A Federal Communications Commission proposal would relax decades-old rules, including one that forbids a company to own both a newspaper and a broadcast station in the same city.

Attorney General Pick Treads Careful Line at Hearing

Michael B. Mukasey pledged to block political meddling at the Justice Department but did not distance himself from antiterrorism policies.

Turkey Resolves to Give Go-Ahead for Raids in Iraq

Turkey, a member of NATO, made it clear that it would not immediately carry out the resolution.

A New Blog
The Medium

Virginia Heffernan on the convergence of television and the Internet.

Bhutto Returns to Pakistan After 8 Years
Asif Hassan / Agence France-Presse Getty Images
Bhutto Returns to Pakistan After 8 Years

Supporters in Karachi awaited the return today of Benazir Bhutto, the opposition leader and former prime minister. News agencies reported that her flight landed in Karachi.

Iraqi Contracts With Iran and China Concern U.S.

American officials fear that commercial investments in Iraqi power plants could mask military activities by Iran.

Newest Factor for Earlier Primaries: Grinch Effect

As presidential primaries move earlier, candidates are debating how to campaign during a season of good cheer.

Accused Law Firm Continues Giving to Democrats

Milberg Weiss, which was indicted on charges of fraud and bribery, still has a political partnership with Democrats.


Navigating With Help From Fellow Drivers

Navigating With Feedback From Fellow Drivers Data flowing in from users lets a system plot ways to avoid traffic.

Networks Start to Offer TV on the Web

Networks Start to Offer TV on the Web There aren't many choices yet, David Pogue writes, and they don't stay on the Web long enough.

A Hatchback Plot Is Hatched

The C30 is a shapely little wedge that draws more public praise than any Volvo in years.

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