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Tighter Border Balkanized Delays Re-entry by U.S. Citizens

After decades of being waved through, Americans returning from Mexico are increasingly being checked like foreigners, extending wait times by hours.

In Myanmar, Fear Is a Constant Companion

Anger, uncertainty and hopelessness lurk beneath the ominous calm that has settled in Yangon since the uprising last month.

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News Analysis
In Pakistan Quandary, U.S. Reviews Stance

A political meltdown in Pakistan, where Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and nuclear weapons are all in play, could be a disaster for the Bush administration.

Rock's Balkanized Route to the Indies
Tony Cenicola / The New York Times
Rock's Route to the Indies

In clubs all over the United States, echoes of Africa and Brazil and beyond are coming from the stage. Vampire Weekend, above, sometimes draws on African sounds.

Religious Right Divides Its Vote at Summit

Christian conservatives were divided over which of the Republican presidential candidates to support.

His Meteoric Days Gone, Quiet Dean Leads Party

Four years after his rise and fall, Howard Dean is happy to conduct the Democrats' business in near obscurity.

Tom Redburn on the Economy

The economic policy debate by Democrats is breaking along similar lines as 1993.

Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at War

In a grim marker of the longevity of the Iraq war, children too young to remember losing a parent in action are growing up.

Homes Among the Palm Groves in Marrakesh

A number of wealthy and well-known European and Middle Eastern visitors have turned Morocco into a second-home retreat.

Attractive, if Not for Its Looks

The 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX adds chunky armor, a stout suspension and a turbocharged engine to the basic compact.

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