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2 Reports Assail State Dept. Role in Iraq Security

The reports have delivered sharply critical judgments about the department's performance in overseeing private security contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

250,000 Urged to Flee in California as Fires Spread

Wildfires fed by gale-force winds ravaged Southern California, destroying hundreds of buildings and charring 267,000 acres.

In Iraq, Conflict on a Second Kurdish Front

Kurdish guerrillas have been waging a deadly insurgency in Iran and have links to the group that fights Turkey.

Republican candidates are testing the value of actually saying things with which voters might not agree .

Many Red Flags Preceded a Beef Recall
Nicole Bengiveno / The New York Times
Many Red Flags Preceded a Beef Recall

A retailer tried to distance itself from a recall scare over the summer. Regulators acknowledge that safeguards against E. coli contamination are failing in some plants.

European Court Strikes Down 'Volkswagen Law'

The ruling allows Porsche to take over Volkswagen and is a milestone in Europe's development of an open market.

New to Being Dry, the South Struggles to Adapt

The response to the worst drought on record in the Southeast has unfolded in ultra-slow motion.

Privacy Lost: These Phones Can Find You

If G.P.S. made it harder to get lost, new cellphone services that track whereabouts are now making it harder to hide.

Volunteering in Retirement
For Love and a Little Money

Retirees discover that being paid for volunteer work can be good for everyone involved.

Readers' Opinions
Can You See Me Now?

What do you think of a cellphone service that lets friends see where you are?

Dismantling the Scaffolding

A legal change sought by building owners should make it easier and less expensive to hire contractors to fix problems.

Attractive, if Not for Its Looks

The 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX adds chunky armor, a stout suspension and a turbocharged engine to the basic compact.

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