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President Visits Scene and Promises Help

President Bush toured fire-ravaged Southern California as the threat began to ebb and the focus shifted to the investigation of possible arson.

Bodies Are Found On Burned Hilltop

Authorities identified the second and third people to have died in the fires.

Joshua Lott / Reuters

A helicopter flew over palm trees stripped of their leaves by the Witch wildfire in Poway, Calif. , on Thursday.

Photographs Audio & Photos

Randal C. Archibold reports on firefighting crews at the Harris fire.

Merrill's Chief Is Said to Consider a Bid to Merge

E. Stanley O'Neal floated the possibility of a merger to Wachovia without board approval, according to people close to the company.

The Long Run
A No-Nonsense Style Honed as Advocate

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has been described as an organized, disciplined, methodical manager.

Mexicans Miss Money From Relatives Up North

After years of strong increases, the amount of migrant money flowing to Mexico has stagnated.

Saudi King Tries to Grow Modern Ideas in Desert

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is staking $12.5 billion on a bid to catch up with the West in science and technology.

Seeking Savings, Employers Help Smokers Quit

Many companies are seeking to reduce their medical bills by paying for programs to help employees stop smoking.


Joy of Fright

Joy of Fright Old chillers that should scare (but not terrorize) the kids.

Too Close to Home

Too Close to Home "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" is curiously exhilarating.

A Project, a Retreat, a Kennel . . .

Klaus Ortlieb, a force behind ultracool hotels in Manhattan, leads a quieter life at his home in Dutchess County.

Wheels at the Tokyo Motor Show

German surprises, Japanese sports cars and more from the Tokyo Motor Show.

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