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Immunity Deals Offered to Blackwater Guards

Officials said that State Department investigators lacked the authority to offer the deals.

Foreign Fighters of Harsher Bent Bolster Taliban

The growing numbers of foreign fighters in Afghanistan are more violent and extreme than their local allies.

Bigger Budget? No, Responds Safety Agency

The top consumer product safety official asked Congress to reject legislation that would strengthen the agency.

Web Political Column

Two new Web ventures harnessing citizen correspondents could help change how politics is covered.

Katharine Hepburn in Journals and Letters
Richard Tucker, 1939
Katharine Hepburn in Journals and Letters

A gift of theater-related documents offers a revealing glance at Ms. Hepburn's personality, work and obsessions.

Johannesburg Journal
The Road to a South African Driver's License

To secure a driver's license, South Africans must navigate a bureaucratic process so daunting that it has set off riots.

A Union With Clout Stakes Its Claim on Politics

Democratic presidential candidates are actively courting the Service Employees International Union.

Science Times

The Manhattan Project

Before Alamogordo The first headquarters of the nation's secret effort to build the bomb lay in New York City.

Embracing Science

More high school students than ever are studying physics.

Honda's Accord, All Grown Up

The all-new 2008 Accord should be cause for celebration.

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NYtimes.com / Monster

From the Toy Box to the Streets

Outlandish garb earns smiles, and hazard pay, for actors willing to dress up as foodstuffs, cartoon characters and power tools.


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