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Obama Envisions New Iran Approach

In an interview, Senator Barack Obama said that forging a new relationship with Iran would be part of his effort to stabilize Iraq.

Writers Set to Strike, Threatening Hollywood

Movie and television writers declared that they would embark on a strike for the first time since 1988.

Bush, Defending Justice Nominee, Sees Unfairness

Caught off guard by the fight over Michael B. Mukasey, the White House has begun a campaign to salvage his candidacy.

Tapped Out in Texas, but Hopeful for Oil
Brian Harkin for The New York Times
Tapped Out in Texas, but Hopeful for Oil

As oil approaches $100 a barrel, there is plenty of incentive to find more of the resource in the United States.

Militants Draw New Front Line Inside Pakistan

For the first time, heavy fighting has moved beyond Pakistan's tribal fringe and into more settled areas.

In Wild Swing, Stocks Give Up Rate-Cut Gains

Many investors appeared to have second thoughts about their first reaction to the Fed's move to lower rates.

Tamil Tigers Political Leader Announced Dead

A Sri Lankan air strike on a meeting of rebel officials killed the Tamil Tigers' political chief, the group announced.

In a Former Mining Colony, a Haven for Artists

Set on the high plains northwest of Mexico City, Mineral de Pozos is an unlikely place for a handful of foreign artists to settle.

Making a Fortune Small in Collector Cars

Few cars deliver a profit to their original owners when more conventional investments are considered.

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From the Toy Box to the Streets

Outlandish garb earns smiles, and hazard pay, for actors willing to dress up as foodstuffs, cartoon characters and power tools.


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