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Pakistani Leader Sets Emergency Rule

He Suspends Constitution and Fires Chief Justice

The move appeared to be an effort by Gen. Pervez Musharraf to reassert his fading power in the face of growing opposition.

News Analysis
U.S. Officials See Few Options

The White House is in wait-and-see mode, lacking clarity about the way forward.

Pakistani Sets Emergency Rule, Defying the U.S.

The move appeared to be an effort by Gen. Pervez Musharraf to reassert his fading power in the face of growing opposition.

New Detainee Rights Weighed in Plans to Close Guant namo

Officials say they are considering granting detainees greater rights in an effort to close the facility and possibly move much of its population to the U.S.

A Year Still to Go, and Presidential Politics Have Shifted Already

Both parties are going through internal battles over their very identity as the races for their nominations intensify.

Experts are debating how the next president should deal with global warming .

The Orphans Who Didn't Need Saving
Stephanie Hancock / Reuters
The Orphans Who Didn't Need Saving

Children whom a group tried to fly out of Chad wait to return to kin. In Africa, a true orphan can be hard to find.

Even Cut 50 Percent, Earmarks Clog a Military Bill

Lawmakers cut back their pork barrel spending, but they still inserted $1.8 billion in financing for pet projects into a military appropriations bill.

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Book Review

Book Review Bicycling across France, discovering many nations.

Education Life

For students, study abroad is becoming a must-have credential.

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Amid Architectural Glories, Cheap Fun

Amid Architectural Glories, Piles of Cheap Fun The Frugal Traveler spends time, not money, in Chicago.

As Beaches Erode, So Do Solutions

As funds to restore beach sand have become increasingly scarce, Atlantic and Gulf Coast communities are having to develop their own solutions.

An Associate Makes Full Partner

The C-Class no longer looks like a skimpier version of more luxurious Mercedes-Benz models.

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From the Toy Box to the Streets

Outlandish garb earns smiles, and hazard pay, for actors willing to dress up as foodstuffs, cartoon characters and power tools.


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