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Markets and Dollar Sink as Slowdown Fear Increases

Stock markets plummeted and the dollar sank as investors grew skittish over rising oil prices and the prospect of a substantial U.S. economic slowdown.

Homeowners Feeling the Pinch of Lost Equity

The artery of cash from Americans borrowing against the value of their homes has narrowed.

House Approves Broad Protections for Gay Workers

A bill granting protections against discrimination in the workplace for gays was praised by supporters as a civil rights achievement.

Q&A: 2008 Election

Reporters and editors from the Times political desk are answering questions.

Congratulations. Welcome to the Scrutiny.
Derek Speirs for The New York Times
Congratulations. Welcome to the Scrutiny.

Praise for the Irish writer Anne Enright, who won the Man Booker Prize last month, has been intermingled with criticism of an essay she wrote about Madeleine McCann.

U.S. Prods Musharraf to End Emergency Rule

The Bush administration is contacting army generals in Pakistan and encouraging back-channel negotiations.

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Ohio Goes After Charter Schools That Are Failing

Charter school advocates across the country are watching the crackdown, fearful that the backlash could spread.

Small Town Mourns a Running Marvel

As a Michigan community mourned a marathon runner, much about his death last weekend remained unknown.

On a Greek Isle, Preserving Tradition

One couple's passion for art and architecture underlies everything they have done on their property in Greece.

An Associate Makes Full Partner

The C-Class no longer looks like a skimpier version of more luxurious Mercedes-Benz models.

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Spreading the Word of Good, Old-Fashioned Evil
Pregnant Exercisers Test Limits
The Antisuburbanites: Families' City Homes
Mexican Floods Force Many to Live on Rooftops
Op-Ed: Exercise on the Brain