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F.C.C. Planning Rules to Open Cable Market

New regulations would aid independent programmers and rival video services, officials said, and could lead to more diverse programs and lower rates.

News Analysis
U.S. Strategy for Pakistan Looks More Fragile

Gen. Pervez Musharraf's crackdown raises questions about whether a power-sharing deal can be made with Benazir Bhutto.

A Defiant Kerik Vows to Battle U.S. Indictment

Bernard B. Kerick's indictment sets the stage for legal proceedings that could cast a shadow over his friend Rudolph W. Giuliani.

In Colombia, a War Zone Reclaims Its Past
Carlos Villalon for The New York Times
In Colombia, a War Zone Reclaims Its Past

Tayrona National Park, once associated with war and drugs, is now one of South America's most beautiful areas.

Broadway Strike Expected to Halt All but 8 Shows

Stagehands plan to strike today against theater owners and producers, two people briefed on the decision said.

Bush and Relatives of Fallen Lean on Each Other

In the past six years, President Bush has met hundreds of bereaved military families in deeply private sessions.

Anger Over Exhumation in the Gipper's Hometown

A failed attempt to prove that a woman was the daughter of the football legend George Gipp has sparked outrage.

Green Car Award: None of the Above

This year's finalists for an award at the Los Angeles Auto Show offer little that's truly new.

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