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U.S. Is Looking Past Musharraf in Case He Falls

Bush administration officials are losing faith that the Pakistani president can survive in office and have begun discussing what might come next.

The Long Run
Romney, Searching and Earnest, Set His Path in '60s

A six-year immersion in the Mormon Church, including a mission in France, set the conservative course Mitt Romney would follow as a businessman and politician.

Interactive Timeline

A look at Mitt Romney's life and career.

African Crucible: Cast as Witches, Then Cast Out

A surprising number of children in some countries are identified as witches and beaten, abused or abandoned.

Airlines Aim for Less Frequent Delays
Brian Harkin for The New York Times
Airlines Aim for Less Frequent Delays

High-profile service lapses and calls for new regulations have sent many airlines into a computer-programming frenzy. Above, an American Airlines operations center.

NYSE Chief Is Chosen to Lead Merrill Lynch

John A. Thain, a former co-president of Goldman Sachs, revitalized the stock exchange and took it public.

  • Shadow of Goldman Sachs Extends Far Past Wall St.
Scientists Use Monkey Clones for Stem Cells

The researchers at Oregon Health and Science University say the method should also work in humans.

Readers' Comments
Hello, Vacation: It's the Boss

How often do you work when you're on vacation?

Magazine Preview
After the Caudillo

Chile's president is one of a growing number of female heads of state in Latin America.

In Tuscany, a Converted Convent

Sonja Muller turned a rustic stone structure in the rural hills of Tuscany into a seven-bedroom three-bath villa.

Los Angeles Auto Show
Los Angeles Auto Show

News and new models at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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