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Poor Lag in Hurricane Aid From Mississippi

The state is the only one for which the Bush administration has waived the rule that 50 percent of its federal grants be spent on low-income programs.

Court Rejects Fuel Standards on Trucks

A federal appeals court said that new fuel-economy standards for light trucks, including S.U.V.'s, didn't thoroughly assess the impact of greenhouse gases.

Bonds Charged With Perjury in Steroids Case

Barry Bonds was indicted on five felony charges for telling a grand jury that he did not use performance- enhancing drugs.

Militants Gain Despite Decree by Musharraf

The militants in Pakistan's tribal areas have captured more territory inside settled areas despite an emergency decree.

Recovering Addicts Find Home in Florida
James Estrin / The New York Times
Recovering Addicts Find Home in Florida

Richard Joslin, left, and John Suto own several halfway houses. Delray Beach is the center of the country's largest and most vibrant recovery community.

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Powerful Cyclone Kills 242 in Bangladesh

A cyclone that slammed into Bangladesh's coast with 140 mph winds forced the evacuation of 650,000 villagers.

Clinton's in Thick of Barbed Democratic Debate

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton warned her rivals that they risked playing into the hands of Republicans.

Little Progress for City Schools on National Test

Eighth graders have made no significant progress in reading and math since the mayor took control of schools.


Dropping Off My Daughter, at a New Life

Every moment of a daughter's life had been leading to this cross-country road trip. Every moment of a daughter's life had been leading to this cross-country road trip.

Getting Lost in History in the Other Las Vegas
Doc Holliday and Billy the Kid once hung out in this preserved New Mexico town.
In Tuscany, a Converted Convent

Sonja Muller turned a rustic stone structure in the rural hills of Tuscany into a seven-bedroom three-bath villa.

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