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U.S. Hopes to Arm Pakistani Tribes Against Al Qaeda

The new proposal is modeled in part on a similar effort by American forces in Iraq's Anbar Province that has been hailed as a success in fighting foreign insurgents.

Goldman Sachs Rakes in Profit in Credit Crisis

Rarely on Wall Street, where money travels in herds, has one firm gotten it so right when nearly everyone else was getting it so wrong.

U.S. Says Attacks in Iraq Fell to the Level of Feb. 2006

New U.S. military data showed that attacks had declined to the lowest level since January 2006. It is the third week in a row that attacks have been at this reduced level.

Deeply Green City Confronts Nuclear Worries
Kevin Moloney for The New York Times
Deeply Green City Confronts Nuclear Worries

A uranium mine proposed for plains 10 miles outside Fort Collins, Colo. , would drill down through part of an aquifer.

Stagehands and Producers Break Off Talks

The breakdown of the latest talks leaves no end in sight for the strike that has darkened Broadway for nine days.

Scared Silent
Keeping Witnesses Off Stand to Keep Them Safe

In New Jersey cities, detectives are being urged to build criminal cases with as few witnesses as possible.

Choking on Growth
Choking on Growth
Du Bin for The New York Times
Choking on Growth
Chinese Dam Projects Criticized for Their Human Costs

A year after the completion of the Three Gorges project, the Communist Party is hoping the dam does not become China's biggest folly.

When the Golf Course Isn't Enough

The new breed of golf community has a strong personality with distinctive architecture, loads of amenities and a real sense of place.

A Bond-
Worthy Beauty

The Vantage is a serious curve-chaser, not a mature grand touring car like other Aston Martin offerings.

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