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Plan Increases Role of G.I.'s in Iraq Training

Commanders hope to shift more of the security burden in Iraq to the Iraqis without giving up gains U.S. troops have made, officials said.

City Homicides Still Dropping, to Under 500

New York City is on track to have fewer than 500 homicides in 2007, by far the lowest number since reliable statistics became available in 1963.

In God's Name
Megachurches Add Local Economy to Their Mission

The business interests of megachurches include aviation subsidiaries and investment partnerships.

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Calling Worshipers and Soccer Teams

An Anchorage church sees a sports dome as a way to reach out.

Proposed Ban on Genetically Modified Corn
Thad Allender for The New York Times
Proposed Ban on Genetically Modified Corn

European Union officials may ban the sale of genetically modified corn plants that could harm butterflies.

Europe Fears That Meth Foothold Is Expanding

The number of countries in Europe reporting seizures of methamphetamine more than doubled in recent years.

Careers Give India's Women New Independence

Women who once would have moved straight from their parents' houses to their husbands' now live on their own.

Where the Votes Are, So Are All Those Calories

Presidential candidates frequently find themselves obliged to change their eating habits on the campaign trail.

What You Get for ... $20 Million

A six-bedroom house in Jupiter Island, Fla. , an 1850 house with six bedrooms in Water Mill South, N.Y. , and the Butterfly House in Carmel, Calif.

Inches Above the Road and in the Man's Face

Almost forgotten amid the renaissance of lowriders is the rebellion in which the trend was born.

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