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News Analysis

Seeking a Mideast Path, Bush Offers a Nudge

President Bush may be repeating Bill Clinton's role in the peace process, yet he rejects what he sees as the meddlesome quality of it.

After a Rough Start, Spitzer Rethinks His Ways

Reflecting on his first year, the governor said that he knew he needed to temper his bluntness but also that the problems overshadowed real accomplishments.

Back in Pakistan, Sharif Condemns Musharraf

Nawaz Sharif, the religiously conservative former prime minister, demanded an end to emergency rule.

Web Political Column

The Democrats are opening their convention in Denver next year to more bloggers .

The U.S.S.R. Is Back (at Least on the Racks)
Oleg Nikishin for The New York Times
The U.S.S.R. Is Back (at Least on the Racks)

Young and trendy Muscovites are in the throes of nostalgia for the staples of their Soviet childhoods.

In Hospice Care, Longer Lives Mean Money Lost

With patients living longer, the government is making hospices repay hundreds of millions of dollars to Medicare.

From Sewage, Added Water for Drinking

The controversial process of turning sewage into drinking water is getting a close look in several American cities.

Son of Astor Is Said to Face Criminal Case

Brooke Astor's son and one of her former lawyers have been indicted on charges related to her financial affairs.

Science Times

After a Breakthrough

After a Breakthrough With a new source for stem cells, how to make them useful?


The Feud

The Feud After decades of fighting, two surgeons have made up.

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Where Mansions Go Begging

Prices for the most expensive homes in Grosse Pointe, Mich. , have dropped by around $100,000 a month since June.

Hummer H3 Alpha: Heaping Helping of Americana

Though the H3 weighs in at around 4,800 pounds, it still qualifies as the baby of the family.

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School Renovation as a Learning Experience

A group of New York City architects and designers gives high school students a taste of the work that these professionals do.


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