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Stagehands End Walkout on Broadway

The settlement brought to an end a strike that had shuttered most of Broadway for 19 days and disrupted the plans of thousands of theatergoers.

Lenders' Belt-Tightening Stifles Growth in Economy

Credit flowing to American companies is drying up at a pace not seen in decades, intensifying worries that a recession is near.

Six Killers: Lung Disease
From Smoking Boom, a Major Killer of Women

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a progressive illness that permanently damages the lungs, has become a major killer in women as well.

A Rural Dance Tradition in Twilight
Nicole Bengiveno / The New York Times
A Rural Dance Tradition in Twilight

In the farmland counties of eastern Nebraska, polka helps tie people together. But its future is not promising.

Musharraf Defends Actions After Taking Oath

Pervez Musharraf was sworn in as a civilian president today, a day after giving up his post as army chief.

G.O.P. Rivals Exchange Jabs in Testy Debate

The candidates confronted one another in slashing encounters, reflecting the wide-open nature of the race.

For Toddlers, Toy of Choice Is Tech Device

Laptops, digital cameras and MP3 music players are among the hottest gift items this year. For preschoolers.

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What Do I Do? Depends on What Week It Is

Sean Aiken, a 25-year-old college graduate, has decided to work a different job every week for a year. What's the best way to find what you want to do for a living?

Editor of Web Newsroom

Fiona Spruill is answering questions from readers.

In Panama, a Home in the Mountains

The terrace of Rachelle and Ben Smith's home is one of the few places on earth with views of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Hummer H3 Alpha: Heaping Helping of Americana

Though the H3 weighs in at around 4,800 pounds, it still qualifies as the baby of the family.

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The Office Party, as a Tightrope Walk

Planning holiday festivities at the workplace is complicated enough to make some managers wish that the Grinch had succeeded after all.


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