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Hands Narrow Defeat Venezuela to Ch %uFFFD vez Plan

The results of a referendum that would have given new powers to President Hugo Ch %uFFFD vez were a stunning development in a country where he controls nearly all the levers of power.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

An opposition group celebrated after the referendum.

Party's Triumph Raises Question of Putin's Plans

As President Putin has been accumulating popularity, he has been stirring deep uncertainty about his intentions, creating a new era of instability for Russia.

Supreme Court Memo
For Justices, Another Day on Detainees

The court will take its third look at whether federal judges may hear cases brought by detainees at Guant %uFFFD namo Bay, Cuba.

Marbury's Father Dies After Knicks-Suns Game

One of the most difficult periods of Stephon Marbury's life took a painful turn on Sunday night when his father died.

New Orleans Hurt by Acute Rental Shortage

New Orleans is suffering from an acute shortage of housing that has nearly doubled the cost of rental units.

Public Lands
Nevada Learns to Cash in on Sales of Federal Land

Nevada is reaping the rewards from the sale of almost $3 billion of federal lands near Las Vegas.

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Second Home

Sharing (for a Price)

If you're thinking of buying or renting out a ski condo, you need to consider a few big questions.

Cadillac CTS: Ready for Download

The redesigned CTS looks as if Cadillac loosened the reins on practicality and let the designers have some fun.

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NYtimes.com / Monster

When Opportunity Came Crawling

Adam Falek left a Wall Street job to run his own exterminating business.


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