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New Data, New Methods, New Conclusion

Current and former intelligence officials say much of a 2005 estimate on Iran holds up to scrutiny, but they acknowledge that some conclusions seem to have been thinly sourced.

News Analysis
A Calmer Iraq: Fragile, and Possibly Fleeting

The reduced violence in Iraq in recent months stems from three significant developments, all of which can be reversed, and on relatively short notice.

Hopes of Revival at Struggling Black College
David Lee / The Weinstein Company
Hopes of Revival at Struggling Black College

Wiley College is suddenly feeling the glow of celebrity with the release of a film, starring Denzel Washington, about the school's winning 1935 debating team.

Comedian Says Minnesota Run Is a Serious One

Al Franken, the former "Saturday Night Live" star, is performing a balancing act as he runs for the U.S. Senate.

Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Afghanistan

The attack in Kabul injured 17 others and came as Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates was visiting the city.

Choking on Growth
Choking on Growth
Du Bin for The New York Times
Choking on Growth
China's Turtles, Emblems of a Worsening Biodiversity Crisis

The saga of the last two giant Yangtze soft-shells is symbolic of the threatened state of wildlife as a result of pollution, hunting and rampant development.


NBC Leads Newscaster Race

NBC Leads Newscaster Horse Race by a Nose "NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams" narrowly overtook "World News With Charles Gibson" in November.

Without a Writer, Is a Joke Still Funny?

Without a Writer, Is a Joke Still Funny? The writer-free return of "Last Call With Carson Daly" was hardly noteworthy.

Navigating a Life From East to West

Tomoko Matsuyama needed to find an architect to accommodate the 100-year history of her town house, while embracing her own sense of design.

Cadillac CTS: Ready for Download

The redesigned CTS looks as if Cadillac loosened the reins on practicality and let the designers have some fun.

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