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Oil-Rich Nations Use More Energy, Cutting Exports

Several nations that are currently large suppliers may start importing oil within a decade, adding strains to the global market.

The Long Run
Clinton Proudly Talks of Scars While Keeping Her Guard Up

After years of public battles, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton must prove she is not too hardened to inspire.

Parole Case and '90s AIDS View Trail Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is facing scrutiny over a rapist's parole and past support for quarantining people with AIDS.

Web Political Column

Recent foreign policy bombshells have been like holiday gifts for Democrats.

Five Rounds, With Fat City Nowhere in Sight
ngel Franco / The New York Times
This Land
Five Rounds, With Fat City Nowhere in Sight

Michael Moss, who goes by The Boss, knocked down in his bout with Smokin' Jay Krupp at a recent in Louisiana. Mr. Moss began his career when Mr. Krupp was 18 months old.

Inquiry Begins Into Tapes' Destruction

The Justice Department and the C.I.A. opened an inquiry into the spy agency's destruction of interrogation tapes.

As Iraqis Vie for Kirkuk's Oil, Kurds Become Pawns

Squatters have turned the Kirkuk soccer stadium into a refugee city as they wait to vote on Kurdish regional rule.

You Couldn't Write This Stuff: TV Reality Sets In

Because of the writers' strike, networks' schedules will be filled with repeats or reality programs come January.

Not Just a Summer Romance

Second-home owners are returning more often to their own getaways. And they find that they are getting more relaxation for their money.

Hydrogen Car Is Here, a Bit Ahead of Its Time

A new testing program is a sign of Honda's confidence that its FCX fuel-cell car is ready for the road.

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