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Afghan Mission Is Reviewed as Concerns Rise

Deeply worried about the prospect of failure, the Bush administration and NATO have begun three top-to-bottom reviews.

Obama Showing New Confidence With Iowa Sprint

Senator Barack Obama is threatening Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's long dominance even as he faces intensified questions about his vulnerabilities.

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry

The Bush administration is working to persuade Congress to pass legislation protecting companies that aid the N.S.A.'s warrantless eavesdropping program.

Web Political Column

Extending President Bush's tax cuts, as Republicans have promised, would require running faster and faster to stay in place.

Frustration With Charities Grows in Congo
Lynsey Addario for The New York Times
Frustration With Charities Grows in Congo

Many Congolese want the U.N. to intervene more forcefully and fight beside the Congolese Army.

Steroid Report Depicts a 2-Player Domino Effect

The career arcs of Todd Hundley and David Segui vividly illustrated how the use of drugs spread through baseball.

Climate Plan Looks Beyond Bush's Tenure

An agreement reached Saturday pushes debates on U.S. participation into the administration of a new president.

Iraqi City Poised to Become Hub of Shiite Power

Iran is playing a key role in a plan to increase Najaf's autonomy, further weakening the central government.

Manchester Center, Vt.
A Village Where Even New Yorkers Slow Down

Even the shadows of clouds plod up the mountains near Manchester Center in southwestern Vermont.

A Wagon Survives the Slippery Slope

While many manufacturers are ditching station wagons, Volvo is offering a rugged new edition of its XC70.

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