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Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of C.I.A.Tapes

At least four top White House lawyers took part in discussions with the C.I.A. about whether to destroy videotapes showing the secret interrogations of two Qaeda operatives.

In Reversal, Fed Approves Plan to Curb Risky Lending

The new rules would force companies to show that customers can realistically afford their mortgages.

Huckabee Now a Candidate With Something to Lose

Mike Huckabee is attempting a tough political transition: from also-ran to novelty act to overnight leader, with all the scrutiny that brings.

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Professor Is a Pendulum and a Web Star
Erik Jacobs for The New York Times
Professor Is a Pendulum and a Web Star

Walter H. G. Lewin, a physics professor at M.I.T. , has found devotees across the country with his online lectures.

Picture of Secret Detentions Emerges in Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence agencies have released nearly 100 suspected terrorists in an apparent effort to avoid acknowledging an elaborate secret detention system.

F.C.C. Reshapes Rules Limiting Media Industry

The Federal Communications Commission set new rules regulating the size and scope of the news and cable firms.


'Rings' Master to Tackle 'Hobbit'

In Marseille, Rap Helps Keep the Peace A settlement could bring "The Hobbit" to movie theaters by December 2010.

Met Has New Rival in Operas at Movies

Met Has New Rival in Operas at Movies The San Francisco Opera announced its own plan to transmit operas to movie theaters using a system it says is superior to that of the Metropolitan Opera.

A Wagon Survives the Slippery Slope

While many manufacturers are ditching station wagons, Volvo is offering a rugged new edition of its XC70.

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