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Taxes Are Reassessed in Housing Slump as Prices Drop

Downward assessments appear most pronounced in areas where the market was exploding just a few years ago, or where economic conditions are poorest.

Democrats Make Bush School Act an Election Issue

Criticism of the No Child Left Behind Act by Democratic presidential contenders is endangering its renewal.

In a Force for Iraqi Calm, Seeds of Conflict

Sunni "Awakening" groups, paid by the U.S. to fight extremists, have become a success story in Iraq, but there are growing concerns about what will happen to them after a U.S. handoff.

A Toy Maker's Conscience
Horacio Salinas
A Toy Maker's Conscience

How a business-school professor and consultant for Mattel would make ''Made in China'' something besides a curse.

Age of Riches
2 Candidates, 2 Fortunes, 2 Views of Wealth

John Edwards's and Mitt Romney's runs are based in large part on the lessons each has taken from his own success.

Where Boys Were Kings, a Shift Toward Baby Girls

In South Korea, once a rigidly patriarchal society, a centuries-old preference for baby boys is fast receding.

Christmas Flourishes, in a Trim Green Stillness

Around the country, this is the season when cemeteries become homes for many families' second Christmas tree.

The Year in Culture

The Year in Culture The critics of The Times pick the best of the year in theater, film, dance, art and architecture, music and television.

Small-Car Stew, Stirred and Reheated

The new Ford Focus is a warmed-over version of the one that's been around since 2000.

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