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Rapidly, Buffett Secures a Deal for $4.5 Billion

Warren E. Buffett's deal for an industrial conglomerate after just two weeks of talks suggests that he is finally finding some acquisitions he can get excited about.

Hospitals Chase a Nuclear Tool to Fight Cancer

A push by medical centers to turn nuclear particle accelerators into weapons against cancer reflects the best and worst of America's health system, experts say.

The Long Run
Clinton's R sum Factor: Those 8 Years as First Lady

During her time in the White House, Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared to learn more through osmosis than through decision-making.

Election Guide 2008

Complete resources on the campaign, with state profiles and interactive trackers.

Late Library Books Can Harm Credit Scores
James Estrin / The New York Times
Late Library Books Can Harm Credit Scores

The Queens Library system often flexes its muscles in collecting overdue books and late fees.

At 60% of Total, Texas Is Bucking Execution Trend

As enthusiasm for executions fell elsewhere, more than 60 percent of all U.S. executions took place in Texas this year.

Six Killers: Alzheimer's Disease
Finding Alzheimer's Before a Mind Fails

Though Alzheimer's disease seems to strike suddenly in old age, scientists think it begins long before symptoms occur.

Clemens Will Talk to Reporters

The lead attorney for Roger Clemens says he has begun an investigation into allegations linking Clemens to steroids.


Here, Kiddie, Kiddie: A Witch Cooks Up a Treat

Here, Kiddie, Kiddie: A Witch Is Cooking Up a Treat The Met's "Hansel and Gretel" is performed in a very free English translation of the German, filled with clever rhymes and snappy vernacular.

Even if It Isn't Broken, an Architect Fixes It

Even if His Own Work Isn't Broken, a Brazilian Architect Fixes It Today Oscar Niemeyer is held up as one of Brazil's national treasures, and he seems as spry as ever.

How Ugly? Put a Bag on That Car
How Ugly? Put a Bag on That Car

Designed to maximize safety, the Aurora is known among some auto historians as the ugliest car of all time.

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Training for a New Life Through a New Trade

A group called Brooklyn Woods seeks to provide a more promising path to people who are chronically unemployed.


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Politicians of All Stripes Join the Line for Bon Jovi
Op-Ed: Housing Mortgage Meltdown
2007: Let's Eat, Not Fuss
A Fishing Scene Set in Icy Maine
Forged in a Crucible of Blood and Oil